Day 2

Day 2: Okay, today was a little better than yesterday. I woke up happy and with some energy, which is different for me because I am not a morning person… not without coffee anyway. I went to my mommy bootcamp class and did a great workout while one daughter played with the other kids, and the other daughter cried in my arms all through class. Hey, I still got my workout and she was held. We both won.

Our next adventure: Target. Needless to say, I was starving and maybe even a little dehydrated going in to Target. I thought I was going to grab the first Snickers bar or bag of potato chips I saw, but I didn’t. Instead, I went to the produce section and grabbed a banana. I ate that banana as though it were a cheeseburger, but at least I didn’t feel bad. In fact, I felt great. The idea that I had worked out and snacked on a banana was amazing and completely new to me! 

I went to Weight Watchers today and met with the leader there. She gave me more information regarding portion control, good snacks, etc. I ended up buying a few of their snacks as well as a cookbook (I need all the help I can get). My little ones were getting restless, and I am pretty sure one of them had to potty, so I darted out of there and straight home. 

Home… where all of the junk food and temptation to eat cookies is. I put the girls down for their naps and snacked on a bag of the Weight Watchers Chili Lime Chips. Not. Filling. At. All. Next step, I chugged water. That seemed to have helped, so I started working and editing some pictures to occupy my mind. I was still hungry. Constantly with a full bladder, but still hungry. I had no option but to go to the kitchen and make lunch.

By dinner time, I was starving again and my husband had to pry me away from an Auntie Annie’s pretzel bite my daughter was eating while we were still at the mall. Sad, I know. By the time we got home and sat down for dinner, I was famished!

It is now the end of Day 2 and I can once again say, I completed another day. Besides, the first three days are the hardest. I only have one more “hard” day to go… right??? :-/

My meals for the day were:

Breakfast: Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Snack: Banana and later Weight Watchers Chili Lime Multigrain Chips

Lunch: Ham Sandwich (Two slices of butter-bread and two slices of honey ham). Spinach salad with sliced tomatoes, heart of palm, yellow corn and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner: Breast of Costco Rotisserie chicken (no skin), 1 cup of green beans.

I splurged today and had dessert: 1 Tablespoon of Colombian arequipe (similar to Dulce de Leche) and a slice of Colombian cheese. (I would have been fine with just the arequipe. The cheese made my go over in my alloted points by two points. Boo. 

Exercise: 45 minutes of vigorous aerobics in Bootcamp class. 🙂

Day 2 is over. Feeling confident about Day 3. Kind of…




Day 1

Day 1: To say the least, today was rough. In eating FAR less than I have every day for the past few years, I felt as though I was starving all day. It had me semi-cranky and out of sorts. I felt as though I was in those Snickers commercials that end with the quote: “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry”! I am aware that it is all mental and that I am not, in fact, starving to death, but a little less tummy rumbling would have been great! I tried everything to stay out of the kitchen and away from the pantry. I washed dishes like a mad woman. My poor choice of the day: I made the silly mistake of going to Walmart hungry. Anyone with kids knows, going to Walmart with kids is not an in and out type of trip. We were there for almost an hour! By the time we left, I thought I was going to eat my hand! Luckily I had bought Isabela some Foodles (a pre-packed snack with grapes, apple slices and cheese). Sorry Isabela, mommy ate it… in the car… in the parking lot of Walmart… because I couldn’t wait any longer!

My meals for the day were:

Breakfast: Weight Watchers chocolate shake with bananas and low fat milk

Snack: Foodles

Lunch: Smart Ones Meat Lasagna

Snack: Coffee and two cookies (yep, I ate two cookies although I shouldn’t have. Boo me)

Later Snack: Two heart of palms

Dinner: Romaine Lettuce salad with sliced tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. Chicken thighs sliced up, two corn tortillas and Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa (Medium). I have to add, as much as my dinner didn’t have a whole lot of flavor, my husband was supportive as could be. He ate the same thing I ate and even complimented the flavor. (Honey, I know it was kind of bland. I promise I will find some better dinner recipes. Thank you for sucking it up, though.)

I finished the day meeting my exact number of allotted points 🙂

It is now 9pm and it gives me a sense of accomplishment to say “I completed Day One”. Is it bad that I am already thinking about breakfast??

Why Now?

Some History:

For many years, I have been saying “I need to lose weight”, “I shouldn’t have eaten that” and “I will start on Monday”. They are the same things I heard my mother and father say for most of my life. It was normal for me to think of eating as an “activity”. My family and I ate when we were were celebrating an occasion, when we didn’t want to eat at home, when we were bored and any time between that. Unfortunately, that habit stuck.

Both my mother and father took Fen-Phen for weight-loss in the early 2000’s. They decided to start that together, however my father stopped (I don’t remember the reason). Because of this “diet” pill, they both ended up with heart conditions. My father had irregular heart beats and my mother, who took Fen-Phen for a longer period of time, ended up with Congestive Heart Failure. She required three open heart surgeries in a ten month span, finally implanting a pacemaker. The pacemaker was incorrectly installed and she passed away in June of 2002.

My father, who was overweight, smoking cigarettes, had high blood pressure and was a Type 2 Diabetic, tried diets unsuccessfully. Due to the Diabetes, he had both legs amputated within a two year span. He passed away December of 2012 due to Diabetes and infections from his amputations.

Both of my parents were extraordinary parents. They were always there for my brother, sister and I, were loving towards each other and great role models when it came to family, education and teaching us to be good people. I would not be who I am today had it not been for them. Their lesson in health, however is a completely different story. I wish this were not the case.

I am still in my late twenties. I have an amazing and supportive husband and two gorgeous and fun daughters. I have been experiencing a sharp pain in back below my left ribcage ever since I was pregnant with my first child. I have done CT-Scans, X-Rays and bloodwork, all come back normal. According to my doctor, it could be muscular, however it scared me enough to get me thinking: With my family history, what if it is something serious? What if my poor decisions are leading me into the same path my mother and father went down? I am 5’1 and 30 Ibs over weight. I do not want to follow in their footsteps. I found my mother’s body the day she passed away and it haunts me to this day. My brother and sister watched my father suffer day in and day out while they lived with him in Brazil. I look at my daughters and am scared of what they will encounter in their lives, but I know I will not be helping add any negative memories if I can help it. I will attend all of their special events, their graduations, their weddings. I will be a grandmother. I have too much to lose, and I can change this.

Today I went to Weight Watchers and signed up. Today I change my future. Today, not Monday.