Day 2

Day 2: Okay, today was a little better than yesterday. I woke up happy and with some energy, which is different for me because I am not a morning person… not without coffee anyway. I went to my mommy bootcamp class and did a great workout while one daughter played with the other kids, and the other daughter cried in my arms all through class. Hey, I still got my workout and she was held. We both won.

Our next adventure: Target. Needless to say, I was starving and maybe even a little dehydrated going in to Target. I thought I was going to grab the first Snickers bar or bag of potato chips I saw, but I didn’t. Instead, I went to the produce section and grabbed a banana. I ate that banana as though it were a cheeseburger, but at least I didn’t feel bad. In fact, I felt great. The idea that I had worked out and snacked on a banana was amazing and completely new to me! 

I went to Weight Watchers today and met with the leader there. She gave me more information regarding portion control, good snacks, etc. I ended up buying a few of their snacks as well as a cookbook (I need all the help I can get). My little ones were getting restless, and I am pretty sure one of them had to potty, so I darted out of there and straight home. 

Home… where all of the junk food and temptation to eat cookies is. I put the girls down for their naps and snacked on a bag of the Weight Watchers Chili Lime Chips. Not. Filling. At. All. Next step, I chugged water. That seemed to have helped, so I started working and editing some pictures to occupy my mind. I was still hungry. Constantly with a full bladder, but still hungry. I had no option but to go to the kitchen and make lunch.

By dinner time, I was starving again and my husband had to pry me away from an Auntie Annie’s pretzel bite my daughter was eating while we were still at the mall. Sad, I know. By the time we got home and sat down for dinner, I was famished!

It is now the end of Day 2 and I can once again say, I completed another day. Besides, the first three days are the hardest. I only have one more “hard” day to go… right??? :-/

My meals for the day were:

Breakfast: Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Snack: Banana and later Weight Watchers Chili Lime Multigrain Chips

Lunch: Ham Sandwich (Two slices of butter-bread and two slices of honey ham). Spinach salad with sliced tomatoes, heart of palm, yellow corn and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner: Breast of Costco Rotisserie chicken (no skin), 1 cup of green beans.

I splurged today and had dessert: 1 Tablespoon of Colombian arequipe (similar to Dulce de Leche) and a slice of Colombian cheese. (I would have been fine with just the arequipe. The cheese made my go over in my alloted points by two points. Boo. 

Exercise: 45 minutes of vigorous aerobics in Bootcamp class. 🙂

Day 2 is over. Feeling confident about Day 3. Kind of…




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